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The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida is a statewide, nonprofit, research and development organization with more than 25 years of experience identifying, funding, and evaluating innovative social services, education and health programs for at-risk children and families. Believing that the best money spent is on prevention, the Ounce of Prevention Fund brings together public and private funding and invests in prevention and early intervention services in communities across Florida, enabling families to achieve positive life outcomes.

If you are interested in applying for a position with the Ounce of Prevention Fund, you may download an application here. Once completed, please email the application to the email address provided in the job announcement or use the postal service to send the application to the identified contact person.

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Ounce of Prevention Fund and Healthy Families Florida Central Office

There currently no Ounce of Prevention Fund job listings.

Healthy Families Florida Local Projects

Position Available 10/27/2021 Advertisment Closes 1/15/2022
Program Name Healthy Families St. Lucie Location Port Saint Lucie and Fort Pierce
Position Title Family Support Worker
Description This is work providing support and assistance to optimize the home environment for the physical and mental well-being of children who are at risk of being abused or neglected.
Duties "1. Establish a trusting relationship with at-risk families by initialing and maintaining client contact. 2. Establish an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) with goal, action plan, and outcomes with the family within 90 days of signing the Participation Agreement. FSW will receive the ISFP every 90 days to access the family''s progress towards meeting their goals and discuss intervention methods as needed. 3. Maintains all charts in a safe and confidential manner as prescribed by the program. 4. Promotes positive parent/child interaction through parent education and modeling appropriate behavior during each home visit. 5. Provides in-home parent education to program families utilizing ""Partner for a Healthy Baby"" Curriculum and other curricula approved by Healthy Families Florida (HFF). Will be knowledgeable regarding community resources, and make appropriate referrals to families. Follows-up with families regarding the effectiveness of referrals made. 6. Will be knowledgeable regarding community resources, and make appropriate referrals to families. Follows-up with families regarding the effectiveness of referrals made. 7. Attends weekly supervision with their direct supervisor, and weekly staff meeting as required by HFF. Also attends other meeting as required by their individual agency. 8. Upon employment, employee will participate in pre-service training, to be completed within 6 months of hire, HF Core Training, and required in-service training to equal up to forty hours, in the first year. Forty hours of in- service training is required yearly thereafter per Healthy Families Florida. 9. Maintain an average caseload of 15-25 families, depending on the level of the family in the Healthy Families SLC program. 10. Maintains flexible hours to the extent necessary to accommodate the schedule of families. 11. Maintains and increases knowledge in the areas of child abuse, and reports child abuse to the abuse registry whenever it occurs or is suspected. Primary notification should be made to FSW''s supervisor. 12. Adheres to all Policies and Procedures of the Healthy Families SLC Program, and their hiring agency. 13. Maintains accurate and up to date client confidentiality at all times. 14. Maintains accurate and up-to-date client information in files at individual agencies and in the computer. 15. Clears secondary employment with the executive director of their agency. 16. Attends their individual agency''s fundraising functions, if required. 17. Maintains a neat, clean and appropriate appearance at work, training, and mandatory social events. 18. Follows the guidelines of a drug free workplace. 19. Maintains all outcomes and objectives as prescribed by Healthy Families Florida''s goals."
Qualifications A high school diploma or GED equivalent. One year experience working with diverse families.
Compensation $12.50 hourly
Contact Robin Fels
Email Address Phone Number (772) 467-9505
Mailing Address 2102 Avenue Q, Ft. Pierce, Fl. 34950 Fax Number (772) 467-8795
Position Available 2/3/2021 Advertisment Closes 12/31/2021
Program Name Healthy Families Jacksonville Location Jacksonville
Position Title Licensed Family Specialist
Description The Licensed Family Specialist provides virtual counseling to Healthy Families participants who have mental health, substance abuse and/or domestic violence issues.
Duties Direct Services to Families 1. Initiate voluntary virtual, psychosocial assessment and counseling services shortly after enrollment or at the request of an FSW during services. A referral to the Family Specialist could also be initiated by the FSW for on-going cases that are proving very difficult and involve major family crisis, addictions, mental health issues, child abuse/neglect and/or domestic violence. 2. Conduct psychosocial assessments on referred families to determine strengths, extent of the problems, the families’ readiness to engage in treatment and barriers to intervention. 3. Provide ongoing individual, relationship, and family virtual counseling services to overcome the risk factors and improve evidenced- based protective factors. 4. Encourage families to accept services beyond the counseling provided by Family Specialist’s, such as prescription psychotropic medication, detox for substance abuse, etc., if needed. 5. Follow-up with family and service providers on specialized services. 6. Develop and update treatment plans with input from families, FSWs and supervisors to address concerns identified at the initial assessment or during services. 7. Work with the family in partnership with the FSW and accompany FSW on home visits, as appropriate. 8. Conduct parent support groups, as appropriate. Consultation and Support to Family Support Workers 1. Lead/facilitate staffing’s with all FSWs and supervisors to discuss ongoing challenges and progress of families and to share best practices. 2. Work with FSWs and supervisors to review the Home Visiting Service Plan to identify and/or revise activities to address issues from the assessment. 3. Review home visiting and supervision records prior to any consultation. 4. Provide one-on-one consultation to FSWs, as needed, on how to encourage participants and members of their family to accept the services of the Family Specialist and to offer specific strategies for working with families who are not open to Family Specialist’s services. 5. Provide training to FSWs and supervisors on topics such as working with overburdened families, the principles of infant mental health, promoting attachment, recognition of attachment difficulties, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence and substance abuse. 6. Participate in service planning (Family Goal Plan, Home Visit Service Plan) with FSWs and families served by the Family Specialist. Documentation and Record-keeping 1. Review the initial assessment narrative to determine whether or not the family may require enhanced services. 2. Document services provided in the participant’s case file (clinical notes will be maintained in a separate file) using the required forms and submit forms for data entry.
Qualifications Knowledge, Skills and Disposition: The Family Specialist must have: • Knowledge of the dynamics of child abuse and neglect • Understanding of substance use disorders and their effects on family dynamics and parenting capacities • Knowledge of child development milestones including, social and emotional development, brain development and infant mental health • Knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other parent-child based therapies. • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to HFF participants and their families. • A strong, professional work ethic including timeliness, attendance, initiative, and a positive attitude. • Willingness and ability to work a flexible schedule when necessary. • Culturally sensitive practices with a diverse population. • Willingness to provide counseling services in homes located in high risk areas. • Strong oral and written communication skills. Minimum Qualifications/Requirements: • Master''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or similar degree from an accredited college or university. • Licensed in the state of Florida in Social Work (LCSW), Mental Health Counseling (LMHC) or Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT). • Minimum of two (2) years’ experience providing individual and/or family therapy to those affected by not just mental health issues, but also substance abuse and domestic violence. • Level 2 background screening (required prior to hire and providing services to families). • Valid Florida Driver’s License, reliable automobile and proof of current auto insurance.
Compensation $54,000
Contact Michael Skiathitis
Email Address Phone Number 904-480-2795
Mailing Address 7023 San Diego Rd 32207 Fax Number 904-348-2818

The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides reasonable ADA accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are invited to discuss accommodations.

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