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Research, Evaluation and Systems Services

Evaluation Services


Our evaluators can help you design and implement a performance and outcome measurement plan for your program. By blending quantitative and qualitative data on program performance and participant outcomes in the context of a science-based evaluation plan, our staff can illustrate the difference that your investment is making in the lives of those served in your community. Our evaluators provide the following services in conjunction with developing and conducting evaluations:

  • Developing evaluation plans
  • Constructing logic models
  • Identifying or developing appropriate measurement tools
  • Implementing evaluation plans
  • Consulting and training staff on data collection protocols
  • Coordinating with IT staff on the development of data collection systems
  • Conducting focus groups, interviews and surveys
  • Analyzing data
  • Publishing and disseminating the findings

Information System Services

Information Systems

Technology is a primary tool in answering program performance and resource accountability questions. Our IT professionals can help you design and implement a performance and outcome measurement system. Through a user-friendly, reliable and secure information management system, you can collect critical data with which to measure your success.

The Web-based system will allow you to collect data more systematically and produce performance reports that assist you in ensuring accountability and performance improvement, while more efficiently using your staff's time. The information management system is developed, hosted and customized to your needs.

Our IT professionals can assist your organization with the following services:

  • Analyzing system needs based service array and service population
  • Designing and developing your system
  • Executing tests for reliability and functionality
  • Hosting your system in a secure environment
  • Conducting training for end users
  • Providing user manuals
  • Providing technical assistance to end users
  • Providing enhancements as your needs evolve
  • Implementing Web-based surveys

For more information on these services, please contact Terry J. Rhodes, Director of Research, Evaluation and Systems. You may call 850-921-4494 x 216 or email